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In July BMW sold 1,308 7 Series models; down 28.6% when compared to the total of 1,833 sold last July. However, total YTD sales of 10,831 was an 11.4% increase over the 9,726 sold during the first 7 months of 2005.

Sales of the Mercedes-Benz S Class this July totaled 2,233 units which was a 52.0% increase over the 1,469 units sold last July. 2006 YTD sales of 17,817 S Class units represents a 95.8% increase over the 9,101 sold during the same 7 months of 2005.

Please note that I report only United States sales data.

To view all the BMW, Lexus & Mercedes-Benz sales reports visit my website at:


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