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July 24, Full Moon drive on Angeles Crest Highway

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Update . . .

I did not get to go, but with approx. 15 cars on Angeles Crest Highway, it sounds like they had a blast.

some posted pics:
Z3 CCA, So Cal, June/July drive pics

Hi Z3ers,

Direct links to pics for:

June ("wine tasting") drive-

July ("full moon") drive-

And while I'm at it, Z3 links to:

Z3 Car Club of America-

Z3 Message Board ("full moon" posts)-

2002 Full Moon Drive, Z3 CCA So Cal web site-


Z You On The Next Drive,

Tom & Shannon Wiggins
Z3 CCA, CA Reps
Hey Tom . . .

B'fest also has a Mini Forum :)

Check it out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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