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Just bought a CA H20 Blade...

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$19.97 for two different sizes @ Costco.

Any suggestions for use? Pressure... direction, etc?
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I use it linear the the flow of the car, but sometimes not...doesn't really matter as long as you ensure that the blade is clean, doesn't hurt to give the surgical rubber a quick wipe with an alcohol wipe prior to use.
Just make sure you use it on a JUST WASHED car, I can remember a story about a guy that used it to clean the water off his car each time he drove it in the rain...rain water thrown up from the road, as well as what comes out of the sky, is very dirty, he had swirl city (linear marks) when he finally washed his car clean one day.

Water blades are controversial, in-d-haus put the question of water blade to the Griots Garage owner, he said he wouldn't use one on his car because of dragging something across the finish, but then again, whatever you put on your finish, be it Chamois, cotton towels, or water blades, are harmful on your finish if your finish is not clean, or your tool is not clean. :dunno:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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