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Just bought a CA H20 Blade...

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$19.97 for two different sizes @ Costco.

Any suggestions for use? Pressure... direction, etc?
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WOW 2 different sizes? :yikes:
I assumed they only came in one size.. is the second size smaller?
This could come in handy..
If you have a digi cam could you post a picture of the two?
Ripsnort said:

Water blades are controversial, in-d-haus put the question of water blade to the Griots Garage owner, he said he wouldn't use one on his car because of dragging something across the finish, but then again, whatever you put on your finish, be it Chamois, cotton towels, or water blades, are harmful on your finish if your finish is not clean, or your tool is not clean. :dunno:
Most people have a negative reaction to the water blade at first..
My thinking follows what rip said: if your finish is not clean..anything will scratch the surface. With proper procedure these things kick @ss!! :thumb:
pretty cool :thumb:
Thanks for the photos.. I believe I have the larger of the two...
yeah .. mine is 12 inches!!!:D
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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