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could be...

Strut mount/bearing assy. blown out and/ or shock. Also could be a ball joint
SteveO325is said:
Maybe you guys might have some ideas... here's one of the problems, on my passenger side (front) I'm hearing a bumping noise, almost sounds like something is rubbing (the car is also bumping up and down constantly). Sorry the description of the problem is not very vivid, but it's all I can do to explain it. The car is also pulling away from that side fairly hard, still haven't had an alignment done because I need some bushings for the back (very bad camber).

Another problem is with my windshield wipers, I hear the motor running and everything - but it the wipers aren't moving. The bar on the driver side is loose and will not stay connected, maybe this is why the passenger side doesn't work? I have no idea honestly

Also I was hoping someone might have a diagram to install the bushings in the back to fix the camber... I've never done this before
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