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Just bought my first BMW,,, a 97 528i

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Hey everybody,,,

I just purchased a 1997 528 at an auction for $2400.00 is a great car,, super clean and the first BMW I've ever owned... How did I ever make it this long without having an Ultimate Driving Machine... Well I am gonna go back out
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I just to bought my 1st, 2000 BMW 528i with 122,000 for $3,200. Drove it from one state to the next without plates straight to get a oil change n clean liquids, $100.00 @ mobile 1, the to glass company to take off windshield n have it glued right cause it had no contact at all. Seems air still seeps throu @ 65mph, need no veno n suspension but all and all I think it's one of the best cars I've driven

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