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Just got '02 330i w/ SP - steering feels a lil' light

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Is this normal? I've read that the 2001 330s were plauged by light steering but had heard that the 2002 330s had new racks put on them that make the steering feel heavier/confident. I just checked and my steering rack has a 2.8 turns lock-to-lock ratio which would confirm that it has the new revised steering rack. And, my tire pressures are set at 30F/35R. The strange thing is that the 2002 330i SP that I test drove two months ago when I ordered my car felt like it had heavier steering.

Does anyone have any suggestions what the light steering on my car may be caused by?
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Light is not necessarliy bad, Ferraris have light steering....

You steering feels light due to the quick ratio most likely, that or your tire pressure are super high...
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