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Just ordered a Conforti CAI

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Should be an easy DIY install, yes?

Will I need anything other than a couple of simple socket wrenches?
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Re: Re: Just ordered a Conforti CAI

The HACK said:

You don't even need that. all the tools required to install both the ECIS and Conforti intake are in your tool box in the trunk.
Re: Re: Just ordered a Conforti CAI

operknockity said:

Are you gonna install it before the DV run? If not, how 'bout a tech session for it.

And what are the differences, if any, between the ECIS and Conforti CAI's?
I'm going to install it as soon as it arrives...

From what I gather, it would take more time getting to HACK's for a tech session than it would to just install it. :dunno:

If I find I'm really just so incompetent that I can't do it, however, I reserve the right to request a tech session. :D

The only notable difference I've been able to glean from reading way too many posts on CAIs here and on E46Fanatics is that the Conforti uses an ITG filter, and the ECIS uses a K&N. There might be some minor differences in the heat shield, but I'm not sure.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Just ordered a Conforti CAI

operknockity said:

Vince' e-mail reminded me that there are 2 weeks till DV. For some reason I was thinking it was next weekend. (Just means one more week for the tinting to cure before really putting it to the DV test!)

As for a tech session, just have it at your place and let everyone else have the road time if they wanna attend. I at least would like to see what's involved in doing the CAI installation.
No can do... I live in a condo, with a poorly lit underground garage and no room for guest cars...

Raffi said:
Plaz, I thought the Jim C CAI was similar to the Dinan one, in that it dips down in the engine compartment to get air from below the headlights? If so, the install is a bit more involved. Otherwise, if it is similar to the ECIS one I have, it is a piece of cake to install.

Let us know how it turns out. If you need help, feel free to come over to my place the week of the DV run and I will help out.
Nope... it's just like the ECIS as far as positioning goes, AFAIK.

Thanks for the offer!
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