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Just out of curiosity guys... Which one?

  • 330Ci, 17s

    Votes: 33 73.3%
  • 330Ci, 18s

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Just out of curiosity... Which one?

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Just out of curiosity guys... Which one? :bigpimp:



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Mystikal said:

IF my car came with them, I wouldn't complain. If I was shopping for new wheels, I highly doubt I'd go with M68's though...
What would you go with then?
nate328Ci said:

Something like these...

only before the rust was removed...

Anyone PS M68s on there? :p
Ah... The first car... We never forget... :bigpimp:
nate328Ci said:

I had her up to 95, I think, the speedo was occilating about 15 mph in either direction :lmao:

I blew the old cluch on it at a toll booth the first day I had a "full" licence, day after my 16th birthday. Less than a year later, I blew a 180K mile cluch on my dad's 533i. Then, this weekend, the M5 clutch starts slipping on me. Notice a trend? :dunno:
Yup... Gotta take it easy... :D
Re: Re: Just out of curiosity... Which one?

clyde325xiT said:

Am I allowed to comment? :angel:
Sure you are... Just remember: #1 - 17's; #2 - 18's (ouch, that was close) :lmao:
Mystikal said:

Anything from SSR, HRE, or Fikse.

Most likely:

I see... But worst case scenario, it would come with type-68's... Gotta have the sport seats... I happen to like them better... :thumb:
Mystikal said:
Hey Alex, your car looks really good with the amber signals. I think they actually improve the appearance. :thumb:
Yeah, I usually keep my cars stock (except for the ECIS CAI)... But I must confess I do like clears better... I think they look even better on dark colored cars... I saw a SG/Blk 330Ci SP on the road today. It looked real good with clears...
Mystikal said:

Nope, the 68's would most likely be my winter wheels. Remember, not all of us park under coconut trees. :mad:
Winter??? Oh, you must be talking about that time of the year when the temperature drops to 68-70F here... Oh, ok. Got ya... :p
Mystikal said:

:mad: I hate you. :p
Sure you do... :p

nate328Ci said:

Parking under coconut trees is bad :yikes:

Did you know more people die from coconut projectiles than sharks? :yikes:
I don't usually park under trees. That was just to illustrate how deep the shine is... ;) People usually use rules... I decided to use a building + coconut tree... :D
alee said:

Someone here might also say the E46 is too expensive and too heavy for track wheels. too.

Wonder who that could be? :confused:
Sheesh Al... :eek: :lmao:
Re: Re: Re: Re: Just out of curiosity... Which one?

clyde325xiT said:


I really like the look of the 68s. After cleaning the 73s too many times, I would try to avoid the supermulti spokes regardless of inches.
Come to think of it, maybe that's why I see so many (E46) 328i's with filthy wheels...
Mystikal said:
God dammit Alex, change your "What I Drive" status in your user options. It's going to make me cry. :eeps:
I did it... Don't know what's wrong... :dunno:
KP said:
I prefer this:


The 18s may have some durability issues. I prfer it over the M68, but I would rather much get a forged wheel:D
Yeah... Type-44's rock! :thumb: I remember that the first E46 328i SP's used type-44's...

Really? Durability issues? :yikes:

BTW, car's looking great! :thumb:
PM 325xiT said:
Gotta go with the "anti-Alee" set up:D
Can't let Al down, Phil... :D Although I really like those 18's... :dunno:
PM 325xiT said:

Just when you were starting to not suck you go and post this:confused:

If I remember right, you're going to suck in a week or two... :thumb:
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