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Just read Roundel...

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A couple of interesting things:

1. Damn, my car's value is plummeting. This is the first car I've owned (rather than leased) in about ten years, and I have to say being a car owner is kind of like being a Nortel shareholder: You cringe every time you open the paper. :mad:

2. The salesman I bought my first BMW from is selling his 1991 M3 (I recognize the name and phone no.) Looks nice, and I still really want one of those, but he wants 15K for it, and that's hard to justify for an eleven year old car (especially in light of 1, above).:cry:

3. ALEX325, is that your letter? :confused:
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TD said:
3. I suspect that's our Alex. I think he gets off on being a contrarian. (I understand the joy in riling up strangers by posting views completely opposite of what they likely hold.) But there's just no way he could honestly be that excited about that design. Sure, some folks don't hate it and let their BMW loyalty confuse them into thinking they actually like it, but NO ONE legitimately is THAT enthusiastic about it except maybe Bangle and Hooy-D.

Granted his letter and his posts do not, themselves, highlight the different demographic background he comes from compared to most everyone else in society and in the CCA. Most people don't come by money as easily and, hence, have to make actual value judgments. With unlimited funds, I could appreciate the novelty of the E65, kind of like buying into trendy fashions or hairstyles. But I'm not in a position to buy into any of the above. And neither are most people, including most wealthy people.

Fortunately, a lone, looney voice doesn't carry much weight. After the older Alexes of the world get done buying their E65s, we'll see what happens. The other E65-related letters far more accurately convey the long-time BMW enthusiast perspective on the E65.

But he's getting off on yanking our chains. I'm sure he yanked a number of new chains with that letter.
Oh, come on! Why are you trying to imply these things about Alex? You are saying that he has no judgement and likes it because he has money :tsk:

It is funny that I have NEVER spoken to anyone in person that wasn't impressed by the E65, including enthusiasts, former CCA chapter presidents, and many other people not associated with the marque. The only place that I have seen as much E65 anger is on messageboards. There are MANY people that like the car. Yesterday, I was an independent BMW shop, the far and away best one in the region. The owner has been a long time enthusiast and has been chaper president and still participates in the club. We talked on various subjects for 2 hours yesterday while my car was getting inspected and brake work. One topic was the E65, I asked if he had driven it. Guess what? He liked it and was very impressed with the car. The sometimes rediculous views that you expel are not reflective of the club or the general public.

On a side note, there was a rusted to hell 3.0CS sitting outside that needed 50K in restoration. Gawd, if I had money....:cry:
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