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Just read Roundel...

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A couple of interesting things:

1. Damn, my car's value is plummeting. This is the first car I've owned (rather than leased) in about ten years, and I have to say being a car owner is kind of like being a Nortel shareholder: You cringe every time you open the paper. :mad:

2. The salesman I bought my first BMW from is selling his 1991 M3 (I recognize the name and phone no.) Looks nice, and I still really want one of those, but he wants 15K for it, and that's hard to justify for an eleven year old car (especially in light of 1, above).:cry:

3. ALEX325, is that your letter? :confused:
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of interest to me: 27 e36m3s for sale.

it's very tempting to move back to an e36m3 and part my stuff over to that sort of car......and prices are plummeting.
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