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Just read Roundel...

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A couple of interesting things:

1. Damn, my car's value is plummeting. This is the first car I've owned (rather than leased) in about ten years, and I have to say being a car owner is kind of like being a Nortel shareholder: You cringe every time you open the paper. :mad:

2. The salesman I bought my first BMW from is selling his 1991 M3 (I recognize the name and phone no.) Looks nice, and I still really want one of those, but he wants 15K for it, and that's hard to justify for an eleven year old car (especially in light of 1, above).:cry:

3. ALEX325, is that your letter? :confused:
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A stock E30 M3 is very rare. Most have been altered for track use, or just plain abused but unknowing owners who put Sears mufflers on them and cheap tires.

If you find a clean, stock car with OEM parts, it could warrant $15,000. A good condition car is about $10-13,000 here, while a beater is about $7,500. For comparision, the same year clean E30 325i is about $5,000.

I am one of those who feels the E30 M3 is one of the last true streetable racecars that BMW made.... they are a blast to drive!
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