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K+DCAN cable pins 7 and 8

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Hi all,

I have an E81 (2008) and I am trying to connect with INPA - however it always returns the IFH-0003 data transmission interface disturbed error. I checked my interface (it is the clear plastic type with NO switch) and only pin 7 is connected. I understood that pins 7 and 8 are supposed to be bridged only on models prior to 03/2007 so I should be ok with my 09/2008 E81 model keeping them seperate. Is this correct or could it be that I should bridge these 2 pins?
When I connect the OBD the led lights red. As soon as I try to read any information from the chassis it blinks red/green and returns the IFH-003 error.
When I run DCAN Utility and try to set any mode (500 kbit or 100kbit) I get back K echo error so I suppose there is some problem (the LED turns green).
COM port is set to 1 and the FTDI is correctly recognized (Latency 1) also in the DCAN utility.

Thanks for any heads up!
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As a follow up to my post I wanted to say that the problem was the interface cable. I bought another one, apparently exactly the same (silver and transparent housing) and same PCB but with the + line voltage sensed bridged (it powers up as soon as I insert the USB cable without having to insert the OBD side) but this one works and the DCAN utility sets it fine without errors. Evidently there are more versions of the same pcb layout circulating, some work and some don't (the PCB layout and components between the 2 is identical). The bag with which this came in however has a different marking on it and a FT232RL white sticker on one side - maybe not relevant (the driver was the same, but it did see it as a NEW COM port which I had to set again).
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