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Kaz, some info on UUC Sways.

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By the way, I talked to Rob Levinson himself from UUC this weekend at Curry's Clash about the clunking sways. He took a look at my car personally and said, "If I didn't see it myself, I would have believed it." He was baffled at why the bar was so close to the diff mount. He said he had never see another car like that. He crawled under another E46 and said, while my diff cover has the correct number on it, the placement or size of the mount is weird and different than any other E46 he has seen.

He has new shorter links that he said he would ship me but in my case that would make my problem worse since that would only make the bar closer to the mount itself.

He promised to do some research and see what he could do. He said sometimes, BMW uses a different vendor for part on some cars and sometimes things are "out of spec" sometimes. Maybe you and I got stuck with the same problems on our cars.

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Interesting... I suppose this means even if I switched to UUC bars this particular problem won't go away.

Oh well, its not even bothering me anymore, so I guess I won't worry about it too much.

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