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Kellener's Sport Module

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Anyone try the Kellener's Sport Module from Bavarian Autosport? It sounds like a plug in Dinan tune. A little expensive to try one without hearing other folk's experience. I suspect like all of these things it will come down in price in a few years.
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I wouldn't try anything that doesn't give you a full warranty cover like Dinan does.
I was hoping someone out there would be brave enough to try one. The advantage would be that you could unplug it.
Off topic how do you upload an avatar? I think I have the signature thing figured out.
Off topic how do you upload an avatar? I think I have the signature thing figured out.
I think you need to have 100 posts or something like that.
Kelleners Sport Power Module Adds 83 horsepower and 88 foot pounds of torque
Kelleners Sport power module -- available only from Bavarian Autosport! ... more info...

Special introductory price

Part # : MOT1250000 P ON SALE!
$ 2294.95
(reg. $ 2752.95)
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This is for the 2012 750Li xDrive. I have no idea on how it performs.
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Thanks Richard, That's it, it looks interesting.
I am sure I have nowhere near 100 posts.
unique looking BMW, I had a 69 Charger SE back in the day.
I wish there is something like a plug in module that leaves no trace, something like the JBD for the diesel X5s. Just plug in for performance, take it out for long trips or visit to dealership.

If something goes wrong, just use warranty :D
1968 Charger with some minor mods including frame repair kit, power stainless steel disc brakes, electronic ignition kit and dual exhaust.
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