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My first post and my first BMW, so bear with me...

I have a 2010 535i x-drive, purchased this year with about 130k on it. Drives like an absolute dream which was what sold me on it during the test drive. Also in cosmetically perfect shape. Fell in love early, and a year later am pulling my hair out with some of the quirks that have surfaced over that time.

The number one problem that I would like to resolve is the key fobs. They are not comfort access keys, so there are rechargeable batteries in them. When I bought the car I noticed the signal was very weak in that I had to be really close to the car to get it to lock/unlock. One day, the key I was carrying stopped working altogether. I tried the other one. Same thing... not working at all. I read some forums that explained that it could be a few things... one being pinched wires in the harnesses that run through the tailgate to the "diversity antenna". The other being the diversity antenna itself... that it is prone to soaking in the rear spoiler area due to poor seals. But, before trying to explore either of those, I simply purchased a new rechargeable battery online and cut the key open and the new batter in place. Nothing. So now I'm looking for a step by step way to troubleshoot other possibilities. Here are some other clues that may or may not help:

1. Rear defrost does not work (hasn't since day 1)
2. Noticed some FM radio static when I first discovered the key problem. It has since resolved, but certain things are strange about the FM radio. Like if I go to seek to the next station in range, the thing just rolls around. The stations come in fine, but it won't automatically stop on them
3. Maybe completely unrelated, but the driver seat heat distribution control is frozen. It is right in the middle and if I click into it, it does not move. I've also noticed that sometimes the seat bottom and back both heat, sometimes just the seat bottom. Driver side seat heat also does not come on after a short stop somewhere if it was left on when I shut the car off. Steering wheel heater is fine, passenger seat works fine. I thought that since there were other seat settings that were tied to the key this might be a clue.

That's all I've got for now. Obviously I'd like to resolve all of these issues, but have been told by my local shop that he got into a wiring harness repair recently and it took way longer than he thought and I'm not made of money... so I'm hoping to tinker with this on my own free time.

Any suggestions would be great. A how to troubleshoot the diversity antenna step-by-step? Where to look at the wiring to see if there are problems there? I've found some links to these but all seem to presume a level of familiarity that I don't have.

Thanks in advance!
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