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Key Memory Form Link, picture or pdf?

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Key Memory

Can anyone help me with a key memory form link or picture? I tried to search but didnt come up with one here. Checked the e46fanatics forum but key form link they give isnt working. And roadfly's search engine is down. Thanks for the help.
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Dude, your producrion date (3/12) must be a mistake. I had a week 12 (3/18-3/22) production date and I took delivery 2 weeks ago!!!

To answer your question, go to and browse through their "Tech Glossary".
Thanks bad....production was 4/12...just updated my profile....thanks again.

By the way I just noticed you're in the Princeton area. Did you buy from Princeton bmw? I checked them out since I work near there but I got a better deal elswhere. Just curious.
Princeton BMW is very expensive (buy or service). I bought from Open Road. I would've preffered to buy from Flemington (they have a good reputation & driving from Princeton to them is a very nice ride, taking some back roads that I know) but Open Road gave me the best price.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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