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key remotes both stopped working today?

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Hi all,

Odd thing, it seems both keys for the car today stopped working (2007 coupe). As I recall, when I parked it a couple weeks back, I locked remotely and went away. My wife was down to the car today and apparently it unlocked but when she was done (putting a bucket under the mirror to try and prevent an eventual leak :cry:), when she left she said her key didn't seem to want to lock it. So she just used the driver side door lock. She never thought to mention this to me.

I showed up later in the day and went for a drive to the dealer (where the above mirror leak happened on the way :cry:). When I got back to the carpark at the end of the day, I noticed my key wouldn't lock the door. Ok, I figured maybe a dead battery (great way to to be ending the day :(). So I called her up to come over with her key. Thats when she says hers wasn't working remotely.

Ok, so sure enough, both are not working. Now it is possible that both key batteries died on the same day but I doubt this. That said, no one did any settings adjustments so uh, any ideas here?

The only thing done during the day - I unhooked the cabin rearview mirror so the 2 plugs up at the top center of the window are not plugged in.

Thoughts? Ideas? Funny anecdotes :)?
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Sounds like you lost the pairing between the car and keys somehow - here's a link on how to redo it. Note that you need to do both keys one after the other. If you only do one, the car will associate with that key. Trying to do the other key later will then pair with that key, but clear the existing pairing.

Z4 Key Pairing
Interesting, who comes up with these procedures I wonder WestCDA?!

I wonder whether disconnecting the mirror did this but my wife said this was occuring pre me doing that so I doubt it.

I will give this a shot tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
The receiver for the key remotes is in the mirror housing, so it's likely that caused the problem. Make sure you follow the instructions and close the door - it won't work if you have a leg hanging out. (Don't ask me how I know ... ) :thumbup:
Uh, the mirror housing is currently unplugged on the 2 things that are plugged there - one thing that gets plugged in (the mirror) isn't even in the car now. The other thing that plugs in I left unplugged (I think that could be something for rain sensing?).
Missed that part about the wiring being unplugged - that would definitely be the problem ... :)

Should be an easy fix once you get a mirror reinstalled and the receiver hooked back up.
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