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Why isn't the trunk keyhole on the coupe hidden like on the convertible? :mad:

I mean for a $40K car the least they could do is mount the keyhole in a less conspicious place. Seeing that keyhole on the trunk just screams CIVIC to me. It makes me physically ill. :eek:

Is there a mechanical reason for the different placements?
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johnlew said:

I think I did but don't remember what I said! :dunno: I'll have to look at the trunk and figure out what the difference is.
It is hidden on the Cab, on the Sedan/Coupe it's right next to the registration plate.

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Kaz said:
How about no keyhole? :D
LOL! Troublemaker ! :D
I still don't have an explanation for why it's different....
Tanning machine said:
I'll throw out these possibilities, with not much hope they're right: 1) on the Cic the trunk can't be opened while the top is being opened, and to get a proper interlock, they needed to move the latch closer to the middle than on the coupe; 2) the trunk is smaller on the Cic, which means that the inside handle for people who get stuck in the trunk had to be located differently in order to be accessible.
don't have a cabriolet but I'm pretty sure you can open the trunk with the top down.

Can you imagine closing the top each time when you want to pick something up from the trunk ? :D
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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