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Why isn't the trunk keyhole on the coupe hidden like on the convertible? :mad:

I mean for a $40K car the least they could do is mount the keyhole in a less conspicious place. Seeing that keyhole on the trunk just screams CIVIC to me. It makes me physically ill. :eek:

Is there a mechanical reason for the different placements?
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Alex Baumann said:
It is hidden on the Cab
For the non-cabrio savvy, where is it..? :dunno:
Dubs said:

Look right above the 38 on the plate. There she is! :)
in_d_haus said:
If you look at the picture it is just up under the handle to the right end of it.

Why? Ask A. Van Dorkydonk :D
Thanks guys! Van Dorkydonk! :lmao: Have we found out who's posting under his name here? Somebody sure is creative...with too much time on their hands..! :lmao:
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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