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Why isn't the trunk keyhole on the coupe hidden like on the convertible? :mad:

I mean for a $40K car the least they could do is mount the keyhole in a less conspicious place. Seeing that keyhole on the trunk just screams CIVIC to me. It makes me physically ill. :eek:

Is there a mechanical reason for the different placements?
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At the risk of sounding pathetic . . . when I read the first message on this post iI had to think to myself that I really have no clue to where my trunk keyhole is :dunno: :dunno:

Then after seeing the pictures I realized that I think I might have used the keyhole . . . once :rolleyes:
Re: Voodoo Economics...

Dubs said:

Anyone figure out an answer?



uuuhhhhh . . . what's the question again ? ? ?
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