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KGM servotronic

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Yesterday the check engine light went on and ISTA-D gave me code 0093BA (servotronic engine timeout).

Check out the ISTA screens below.

Did this happen because:

  • the servotronic motor broke in the steering rack?
  • the battery is low voltage and crazy things are happening?
  • something else?

Has anyone received this code in the past? What was the problem?

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What is the KGM Servotronic? There is a Servotronic for Active Steering on the rack and pinion, but I think it goes thru a different module. You can also check you battery condition using ISTA, I forget where it is at, but its there. I'd check battery first, connectors next.

There are several sets of documents uploaded over here that discuss Active Steering that may be helpful. DSC and active front steering.
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When I did a search on servotronic I saw a guy on eBay selling one. It looked like a accuator with a electrical connection on it. However, when I went to Real OEM it wasn't in any of the diagrams.

With all the time I've spent under the car I have never seen this accuator.

I have a trickle charger on the battery and I cleared the codes.

What I'm trying to figure out from the BimmerFest guys is:

  • how often does the servotronic break?
  • is there an event that is likely to break it?
  • is it more likely that the servotronic had a electrical hiccup and now it will return to normal?
Did I stump the BimmerFest guru's on this site with the Servotronic motor failure?

Am I the only one to have their servotronic break?
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