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Kill Story: Smacked down a stock 2002 with my M3

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Well, "smacked down" is probably a bit of an overstatement. But I did manage to jsut barely beat a well-driven 2002 at the most recent DC area autocross by less than half-a-second. In talking to the driver, the car is basically stock, with an updated head and new carb being the only engine mods.

My car: 240 hp, 3500 lbs.

His car: 110 hp, 1900 lbs.

Bigger and more expensive is not always better at the autocross (though, in this case, 25 years, 130 hp, and 1600 lbs. bought 3/10s of a second).

Edit: Rematch this weekend.
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Hey, you also beat me by 1/2 a sec. But I already am aware of my errors and I did have Kieth and Steve riding with me:p

BTW, you really looked smooth out there:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Here is the quote from Steve: It's my novice impression that JST is smoother, based on riding with him at
the TARA event(3 weeks ago)... CD-55, you should charge admission to ride with you. When I rode with you (Sunday),
it was pretty much hold on for dear life.
JST said:
PS: CD-55, he and I were working Pole B together during your runs, and he mentioned that he had been benchmarking your times at the TARA short autocross, as well.
Damn I surely don't want people to be tracking me... I got to find a way to blend in. Now I am wishing I never got that 1st place... Maybe I can paint the car another color before the next autox, then people won't know who I am?
JST said:

Put the SSRs on one side of your car and the M68s on the other. That will confuse people. Plus, if you put the two big M68s on the car, you'll turn better that way.
Oh good idea, I have seen guys who painted their motocycle different colors on each side, so the cops when chasing a red bike, would then ignore the blue bike (other side of red bike)!
Re: from the June 9 LA BMW CCA AutoX at Irwindale

scottn2retro said:
I always love the Drvier $ over Car $ triumphs!

Me too!!!

At least 3-times this year we have competed against a M3 LIGHTWEIGHT and we have spanked it each time!:thumb: This last time it was off course each run :cry:
scottn2retro said:

If he smacks that front splitter or those aluminum doors into a light pole, you have my permission to shoot him! :(
That's a little harsh!

He is a novice and should take a little time to warm-up to the sport. I am sure that by the end of the season he will be whipping my butt.
clyde325xiT said:

CD - Don't know if you want any other comments about your runs, but from pole D it looked like you were overdriving quite a bit. Not as smooth as I remember at the last one. If I had to sum it up in one phrase, it looked like you were trying a little too hard to go a little too fast.
I agree. Maybe I was hamming it up to give the folks riding with me a good time:)

The 4-wheel drift and slight oversteer I had when entering turns (while slowing) felt nice, but I really don't know if that was fast or slow? Feel free to email me.
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