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Kill Story: Smacked down a stock 2002 with my M3

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Well, "smacked down" is probably a bit of an overstatement. But I did manage to jsut barely beat a well-driven 2002 at the most recent DC area autocross by less than half-a-second. In talking to the driver, the car is basically stock, with an updated head and new carb being the only engine mods.

My car: 240 hp, 3500 lbs.

His car: 110 hp, 1900 lbs.

Bigger and more expensive is not always better at the autocross (though, in this case, 25 years, 130 hp, and 1600 lbs. bought 3/10s of a second).

Edit: Rematch this weekend.
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from the June 9 LA BMW CCA AutoX at Irwindale

I always love the Drvier $ over Car $ triumphs!

At the AutoX this past Sunday in LA, these guys roll up with a Porsche 911 (with some huge wing on the back) and a Ferrari 360 Modena. Now while the Ferrari thru the course of the day and practice runs got his car good enough to finish 2nd in Class X (non BMWs), the Porsche 911 was not in the top 3. Both were beaten by a Suburau WRX (and another was in 3rd).

Fastest lap for the day: an E30 325!
so much for my POS!!!!!! :)
Originally posted by CD-55
At least 3-times this year we have competed against a M3 LIGHTWEIGHT and we have spanked it each time! This last time it was off course each run
If he smacks that front splitter or those aluminum doors into a light pole, you have my permission to shoot him! :(
OK, don't shoot him, but

keep him away from anything that could damage that car! :)
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