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Hey folks. New guy, just picked up a 60k mile Neptune Blue 6spd manual 535i RWD E60 with Active steering and the factory sport package with ARS.

I searched this forum, google and other spots with no real answer or anyones experience. I called turner motorsports to ask and they were unsure basically said well if Koni says so, they must be right.

It is the sport package, not an m-sport package car.

The shocks and struts are blown to the point of dropping down into the bore once free of the spring.

I really like Koni Yellow struts on all my vehicles, but Koni says that the yellows do not fit the E60 with factory sports suspension. I've found often that manufacturers do this for various reasons and have had things like this just fit before.

I wanted to ask here though before plopping out the cash, ordering them only to find out that they for some reason will NOT fit the factory sport springs and replace the factory sport struts cleanly.

Can someone help? I'd rather not plop down the cash for coilovers as this daily driver and weekend autocross car I think would be fine with proper springs and struts.

Thanks! :sabrina::grouphug::supdude:
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