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Le Mans Blue

OH MY GAWD, we had a Le Mans blue M5 at the track yeaterday....I'm in love! Incredible car and color...It was nice and shiny clean and we had clear sunny skies...devistating looking.

I want it on my M3!

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Hey haus,

Check this out.......

There is also a pretty nice gallery with an awful lot of M3 color/interior combinations... I agree with Alex, though, check out Individual - Midnight Blue.... Although, I am partial to Velvet Blue.

Known special ordered colors for the E46 M3:

Estoril Blue (code 335)
Dakar Yellow (code 267)
Electric Red (code 438)
Sterling Gray (code 472)
Techno Violet (code 299)
Velvet Blue (code 379)
Avus Blue (code 276)
Mora Red (code 359)
Scarab Green (code 622)
Chiaretto Red
Blue Water
Tourmaline Violet
Steel Blue (code 372)
Oxford Green (code 430)
Orient Blu
Grey Green (code 442)
Black Sapphire
Light Yellow Metallic (code 376)
Slate Green
Toledo Blue
Titanium Gray Metallic
LeMans Blue Metallic (code 381)
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