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Lake Como -> Nurburgring (Two nights to do it)

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Hi Guys,
I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a route from Lake Como up to the 'Ring. One obvious candidate for this is the Black Forrest Spa route. However, I wanted to figure out a city in between that we could stay for two nights vs. jumping to a new city every night. Any good ideas? Also is there a good scenic route through Switzerland I should consider taking?

Thanks for the help!
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Weggis in Switzerland is a great place to spend a few nights, and is a nice drive from Como.
Schiltach in the Black Forest. About a 4 hour drive from the 'Ring.
My suggestions would be:
Heidelberg or Baden-Baden if you choose the Black Forest route, or
Riquewihr if you go through Alsace.
They are all charming and worth a couple of nights. I particularly like Riquewihr as the town itself is very pretty. It is also near Mulhouse, Colmar and Strasbourg. Mulhouse has a great car museum with many Bugattis and other interesting makes. Colmar and Strasbourg are as pretty as Riquewihr. So Riquewihr would be my first choice.

Both routes, Alsace and Black Forest, will take you to Nurburgring through Koblenz. From Koblenz I would recommend a detour along the Mosel to Cochem before heading for Nurburgring. The road along the Mosel is very scenic and runs close to several castles.
I'll second that drive along the Mosel!
The 500 to Baden-Baden was a nice drive. Brenners Park Hotel & Spa if your traveling top cabin. Otherwise there are many other nice accomidations in Baden-Baden along with the Friedrichsbad, an enjoyable public spa. Casino, museum, gardens, etc - we enjoyed our two day layover in Baden-Baden. We will go again.
Thanks a bunch guys this was very helpful! I will definitely be incorporating what was mentioned here.
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