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Last of the Z3 Series

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Received my Summer 2002 Z3CCA newsletter today.
On the cover was an interesting article written by:
Kenn Sparks, Manager, Corporate & Associate Communications
BMW Manufacturing Corp., Spartunburg, SC.

For info on the Z3CCA, connect to:
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Gus said:
I wonder if the production figures are worldwide figures, or US spec cars only. Anyone know where to confirm this? I know Fred Meloan posts these figures, but US spec only. I really like the checkered flag treatment a la M3 lightweight cars. Would be nice to get a hold of these.

Sorry to see it go :cry: but happy to know I have one of them :D
The production figures he speaks of is worldwide production. Us sales will be around 112k.

The real question is....BMW press release says the last car was number 297,087, Kenn's figures says 297,088. What is the other car? The Atlanta Blue Goldeneye car?
Ron Stygar said:

Maybe like VIN #'s, they start counting with zero.
*shrug*...I sent an email to Kenn.
Re: Z3 coupe vs. M coupe??

///M-Bark said:
I always thought that the Z3 coupe was rarer than the M Coupe. These numbers show the opposite.
You are probably looking at US sales figures. In that case, yes the Z3 coupe is more rare than the M coupe.

The figures posted are worldwide production figures. Due to tax laws and gas prices elsewhere in the world the M coupe is the rare beast.
Re: Re: My guess

nate328Ci said:
I hope they are giving test drives :p

It seems that most people that have seen it like it. :)
I guarantee they won't allow it. There are only 2 people I know that have the connections that might get one after hours on a dark is Ron, the other is Tim UK. The rest of us peons have to wait until Oct 26 or thereabouts.

BTW...most Z3s seem to hate it (I, being a Z3 owner, OTOH like it for the most part).
bimmerbum said:
Anyone know the production #s by year?
Proprietary info. BMW should release it some time in the future (but only when they are good and ready to).
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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