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latest pic of new 5.

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just found another pic of new 5 on website.

This one normal. I'm sure the trunk will be like the 7, but it seems like it will definitely be a little toned down, which is good IMO. Also looks like the turn indicators will be on top of the headlights like the 7, which is not a good thing IMO. Although I'm saving that judgment till I see how they really incorporate it.

Here's the link to the actual article:

They also mention that they don't think the change in the design will be as radical as the old 7 vs. the new one. I don't mind.
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Photos from magazine

Here are scanned images from a German magazine that I got when I was in Europe in February. This might be more accurate.


If someone can read German, please translate...
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The 5 in that 5-sport posted is actually not bad at all IMHO. I think I could actually grow to like it, although the tail lights look a little wimpy (but clean at least).

Thanks for posting that sport. That gave me a little bit of hope... :D

"Auto Picture Magazine."

"We drive the new C Class, is it the Best?"

"Small Car test.
How good is the new Honda Jazz"

"We search for the best 2002 driver you can win a Ford Mondeo and Focus.

"This is what it looks like the new 5er BMW."

Can't read the small print on the rear picture,
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The tail looks more like the E39 with new A4/Q45 taillights. Better than some E65ish BangleButt, but not very unique either.
Thanks in_d_haus


Would you like to translate more for us? I'm willing to scan the article and post so everyone can see. How's that?
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looks kind of like a passat/a4/a6. Better than being Banglized though. I doubt this pics are very accurate-- they don't have enough Bangle features.
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