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So I want to be able to stream music from my phone to my CCC unit in my 2004 545i.
Believed I had it all figured out and ordered a ViseeO Tune2air WMA1000 last night.
Installs directly on my iPod cable and I should be able to stream my entire local storage on my phone while still being able to use the buttons on the steering wheel.
But then this morning I came across another product.
The LAYEN i-DOCK Bluetooth 4.1 Music Receiver Adapter. It has the same interface (the 30 pin iPod adapter) and should offer much better sound based on the much newer version of Bluetooth.
However I cannot find any ref to it ever being used in a car.
So does anyone know if this Layen i-Dock works? Anyone ever used it?
Would love some insight..
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