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Leaking power steering reservoir fix

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I figured I'd write this down... maybe it would help someone someday.

My power steering reservoir has been leaky since I bought the car several months ago. When I mentioned it when I had the Inspection I done, the dealer said it was "normal". :eek: Not believing them, I checked all the hoses, etc and checked all the mentions of this on the board. It was also not weeping from the overflow hole. Nothing fixed it until I had an idea the other day.

I went to the dealer and paid $2.00 (with the CCA discount :) ) for a new O-ring for the reservoir cap. When I took the old O-ring out, I could see it had become flattened out along the side where it contacts the edge of the reservoir. Popped the new one in and the cap felt much tighter being put back on. I took a nice high-speed trip from NH to Boston to Providence RI and back to NH today; when I got home the reservoir was still nice and clean. I'm happy (and the car got 28.8mpg on that loop today too) :D