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Lease Evaluation

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Hey guys, so i kind of posted this question earlier but did not really get much feedback, thought i'd try again. Just really curious if i could have done better or not:

2016 BMW 435i Coupe M Sport Package (Melbourne Red):
Base Price: $48,150
M Sport Package: $2,600
Total $52,295
Selling Price: $48,840

Residual: 56%
10K Miles
Money Factor: 0.82 (Did the 7 MSD's)
Monthly Payment - $565.47 + $50.89 CA Tax = 616.36
Drive off: $6,715.81

Did a special order too, the excitement nerves are kicking in
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For 4 series, increased in residual offset the holiday adder. You should use this month's program. Total doesnt add up from base + MSport either. Something missing?
Yea the numbers this month are better then December.
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