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Lease Evaluation

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Hey guys, so i kind of posted this question earlier but did not really get much feedback, thought i'd try again. Just really curious if i could have done better or not:

2016 BMW 435i Coupe M Sport Package (Melbourne Red):
Base Price: $48,150
M Sport Package: $2,600
Total $52,295
Selling Price: $48,840

Residual: 56%
10K Miles
Money Factor: 0.82 (Did the 7 MSD's)
Monthly Payment - $565.47 + $50.89 CA Tax = 616.36
Drive off: $6,715.81

Did a special order too, the excitement nerves are kicking in
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I dont understand why residual is 56% for 10k/36month lease.
Neither do i man.. That's literally the only thing that's throwing me off..!
Obviously it's because he's asking us to comment on a deal he did last year when the residual was 56% and the base money factor was .00131 - .00049 MSDs = .00082. That's the only way he could have been given that 56% residual and that .00082 money factor. ;)

P.S. -- He can always check what the program is when he's ready to sign the lease and switch if he wants to. ;)
Effective Jan. 5, 2016, BMWFS decided to make the residuals on the 4-series closer to the residuals on the 3-series. It looks like the January residuals are 60% for the 4-series and 61% for the 3-series, assuming 36 months, 10,000 miles/year.

You always have the option to drop the locked-in program and switch to the program in effect on the day you sign the lease agreement, so there's always that option to consider.

That's great news. Ill check with my CA, since it's a special order and it's being produced right now, do you think it's possible for me to call him and lock in a new deal?
No, you don't have to call him about anything yet. Your credit app was already locked-in with December's program. Now you can compare that against whatever is offered by BMWFS when you take delivery and actually sign the lease agreement. If it's "being produced right now," then maybe it will arrive before the end of February? Or maybe the first week of March? Whatever the program is when you sign the actual contract will be what you can compare to what you have already locked-in.

Only reason I was asking is lets say, what if this month is better than March or February? Would it make sense calling and locking in this month's if its better then what I originally locked?
I can't answer this specific question because I'm not positive about BMWFS's current policy. My assumption is that you have to wait until you are ready to sign the lease agreement itself before you dump the locked-in program and switch to the program in effect then but maybe I'm wrong?
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