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lease question

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I was told that the 2013 X5 diesel will be available in December 2012. Nobody knows if it will be equipped with the 8 speed transmission ( not sure if this is a good or bad thing ), for sure it will be more fuel efficient.
I've decided to lease a 2012 X5 diesel, 3 years, 12k miles/year, premium package and BMW apps, total MSRP including destination fee, $61,345.
After $4,500 eco credit, $1,000 olympic drive discount, $750 loyalty discount and negotiation, I was able to lower the price to $51,455.
Money factor is 1.45 and residual 56$.
Monthly payment, including tax, $647, 0 down payment
Never leased before and was wondering if this is a good deal, or not. Please let me know your thoughts.
Many thanks
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Your invoice (with destination) is 56475 - 6250 (total discounts) = 50225. You paid 51455 so you gave the dealer $1230 in profit. While 500 to 1000 would have been a more reasonable profit, your deal is not too shabby, considering the X5d inventory is dwindling fast. You did good by putting 0 down. Have you considered MSDs (multiple security deposits)? In case you don't know what MSDs are, you basically put down the equivalent of up to 7 security deposits. Each security deposit decreases your MF by 0.0007 for a total decrease of 0.0049 if you go with all 7 deposits. That will save you a good amount of money over the life of the lease. The difference between MSDs and a down payment (which one should never make on a lease), you lose the down payment if the car is totaled or stolen. You don't lose the MSDs; it's your money no matter what happens to the car.
Very good price, go for it.
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