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Hi guys,
I wanted to get some feedback from you in regards to this matter.

So I returned my leased 2012 528i back in in july. It passed inspection and I was told that there will be a fee if $350 for disposition, I signed all documents and walked out.

Now 3 months later I receive a letter from BMW financials saying "this is the final request to collect $2,016".

Surprised as I was about this letter, I went to my BMW account and saw that the fees are for Excessive wear and tire damage. My car was in good/Excellent condition, minor scratch here and there but nothing excessive. I purchased the lease end damage waiver as well so this is all very confusing.

My question is, is it standard protocol for BMW to charge fees after the car has been initially inspected? Does it go through another inspection later on and people get slammed with unknown fees?

All feedback is appreciated, thanks
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