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I am looking for someone to take over my 2017 BMW 430i convertible. The car is beautiful, comes with premium Mineral Grey exterior paint, with the sand beige interior. The car is fully loaded with everything from heated seats, to premium sound and 360 degree backup camera. The convertible is fully functional, and incredibly efficient to operate.

The lease matures in March 2020, so you will have the car for about a year. There are currently 23k miles on the car, and the lease allows for 35k miles, so you can average about 1,700 miles per month.

Lease payment on the car is $580/month.

I am ONLY looking to do a lease transfer via BMW, where the contract transitions from my name, to yours, and you become the “leasee of record”. I am looking to keep everything as legitimate, and documented, as possible.

Car is in perfect condition, less a minor scuff on the passenger rear wheel.

I am looking to get rid of the car because I am moving back to NYC, where I will no longer need a car. Car currently has NJ plates and is registered in NJ, so no need to worry about the GA lease transfer tax. The only cost is the BMW fee, which I believe is about $300. Willing to work with you on shipping the car, if that is what you need. Car is currently in Atlanta, but can be delivered or shipped, based on where you are located.

Please feel free to contact me at (201) 317 3377 for any further information. Thank you.
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