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lease turn-in

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anybody have experience with recent end-of-lease turn-in?

are they gouging money out of owners on petty things or sticking to the runs such as 2 inch scratches or worse get penalty.

I just went over my entire car and there are two dings, minor, and usually not charged at lease turn-in according to owner's circle.

the only blemishes on the car are on the alloy wheels, which incidentally were all caused by a BMW dealer during tire swap to S-03's. There are 2-4 large linear scratched that are very deep. They cannot be touched up. Will I have to pay for a new alloy wheel at lease-turn-in or will they charge me for repair of the wheel? Other than that, there is nothing cosmetically, mileage-wise, mechanically, or otherwise wrong with the car.

Any body have specific experience with lease-turn-in?

I don't even want to know what they would charge for a new wheel. ?$250-300
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A whole lot of what happens on lease turn in depends on your relationship with your salesperson and your dealership and if you are getting your new car from them when you turn your car in. On my last lease turn in I had a small rock chip on the windshield within the wiper sweep. It had been plugged but even so that is supposed to be a no no according to the BMW literature. My dealership let it slide since they knew they were going to CPO my car and sell it.
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