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Hey - looking for support (paid or free / advice / tips / anything)

I'm doing some repairs on a F15 with a frontal collision that has already been repaired but need help sorting out some programming issues.

The model in question is a F15 with production date: 2016/03 - VIN: 0J82391
The donor parts vehicle is a F15 with production date: 2014/12 - VIN: 0J76353

The issue I'm addressing is the LED Headlights - both vins match the equipment specifications (S552A). However, starting in 2015/07+, the headlights use different Modules/Drivers, so my replacement headlights (Pre-2015/07) are not communication with the car.

Here is their differences according to BMW TIS

2015/07 +
LED headlight > -
Applies to: fle02_r, fle02_l, P552 (Adaptive LED headlight) 2015/07+, P5A2 (LED headlights) 2015/07+

- 2015/07
LED headlight > -
Applies to: lhm2_l P552 (Adaptive LED headlight), lhm2_r P552 (Adaptive LED headlight)​

Need help making the changes to allow the vehicles to recognize the older modules.

Below are the faults I'm getting (encoding won't work, and I'm currently in the processes of updating to the newest ista-p because the car has the latest i-level to attempt programming via that route, but something tells me that won't work anyway). Pretty sure gunna have to do this through Esys - just not sure of the steps.

Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks !

- link to below image for full res.
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