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Hello all. So I'm retrofitting an OEM M sport package to my E61 545i and while doing it, I come across a million little thing which go wrong. At least it's kind of a project car and I enjoy working on it.
To give a full picture, my PDC was not working, so I diagnosed it both with INPA and my ears, found the malfunctioning sensor and replaced it with one I found on ebay. While doing that, I took out the rear lights (for better access when fitting the bumper). I tested the PDC, all works great, but I got error for the rear lights. Sure, they're not plugged in, so of course. But after plugging them back in, I still get the error about rear left light. Everything works, blinker, brake light, driving light, fog light. But still the error. I scanned for codes with INPA, but I only get codes for the adaptive lights (they are malfuntioning for over a year now, but that will be another topic) so I'm a bit lost now. Yes, all works but the constant error message on idrive is annoying.
I might add that the battery charge was very low and I got an error about that too, after charging it overnight, the rear left light error persists.
Did anyone experience something like this before?
Any help appreciated
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