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Lighter steering after installing M3 steering wheel

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The steering on my June '01 production 330i (has 2.8 turns lock-to-lock rack) got a bit lighter now that I installed the M3 steering wheel on my car. Now, when driving on streets that are less than perfect (like a street w/ bumps, uneven pavement), it seems like less of this harsh road feel is transmitted to the steering wheel due to the M3 steering wheel's padded feel. I'm pretty glad about this. Before, with the regular SP wheel, I felt every inch of uneven pavement and this felt annoying.

At the same time though, the M3 steering wheel (since it's bigger and heavier) makes the car's steering feel lighter.

Has anyone else that has installed the M3 wheel noticed this? I wonder if the M3 comes with a heavier steering rack to compensate for the M3 steering wheel's tendency to make the steering feel lighter.

Thanks in advance.
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In the new issue of Road and Track's 11 sedan comparison they listed the 2002 330iSP having 3.4 turns lock to lock.
I thought the 2002 rack is 2.8 turns lock to lock which is the same rack they put on May01 or later prod. 330i/ci??

Am I missing something or it is a typo??
tk said:
the M3 steering wheel (since it's bigger and heavier) makes the car's steering feel lighter.
hmm... that's a bit of a streatch in my opinion. if that were true, that would mean less road feel and that's the whole argument about these cars. I would guess that many of us who have upgraded to this wheel are probably sensitive to road feel to begin with. if that's teh case, you would think more people would mention it. or wait a minute..... maybe you just gave us all something new to obsess over. :mad:

I like it better because you can really get a good grip when your driving the car agressivly. when I drive calaveras road, I tend to be very focused on the road and barely look at the tach. the thumb notches help me know where my hands always are in relation to the wheel without having to look down. that's road feel. this wheel was my favorite modification. I'm juts itching to swap out the steering wheel in the miata but I don't want to loose the air bag. :(
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So, how light does your steering feel after installing the M3 steering wheel? Did you have the retrofit done on your car too?
I have the retrofit and like it. the M3 steering wheel didn't make the steering lighter but buying a miata did. ;) see thread below.
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