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Limp mode after coding NCSexpert

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Hi all,

I was trying to retrofit the cruise control in my e70. I have added VO 544 and fa write CAS and FRM. Then coded each modules. The EHB3 is the only module that throw an error message but I recoded it again and worked fine.

When I drive the car the screen says 'faulty in drive'. The car is stuck in 3rdt gear and won't shift anymore. This all started after coding via ncsexpert.

I check the error code in inpa and the EGS has the CF33 error. I followed this guide but still no luck.

Appreciate any response :(
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Problem solved. I clear the adaptation using ISTA-D. Waited around 30-secs until the car goes into sleep. Deleted the error while the car is off.

Car is back to life. I didn't know that there are errors that should be deleted while car is off. I always thought that ignition has to be turned on.
hi friend, i have the same problem,when i change the ecu map, car stuck in 3gear and dont change next and i have same fault code. If i delete adaptation with ista d. I must driving 70km for educate transmission?
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