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Lint on Moonroof

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I use those cotton chenille mitts to wash, but I get lint from those that "sticks" to the rough "fabric" that surrounds the moonroof. The black stuff? Anyone know what I'm talking about? LOL. It doesn't happen on my friends bmw because his is 2 years old and it looks like the black stuff has worn away. Mine is still new so it looks like it grabs the lint from the mitt. Anyway, my question is--is there a way to get rid of the lint? I've tried rinsing hard with the hose along the edge but that still doesn't get rid of it. Short of spending 10 hours picking it off does anyone have this problem that can offer any suggestions? Keep in mind the lint from the mitt appears to get pulled off by the black stuff. The mitts don't leave lint on the car during the rest of the wash.

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I was thinking of looking for a lint brush. I'll give that a shot thanks. Maybe I'll try the tape first since I probably have some here.

Thanks all. I finally just wetted a microfiber towel and that seemed to do the trick fairly well. I may look into these solutions though to see if they can get off more lint easier.

I actually tried the foam paint brush thing and it didn't work at all for me. Maybe I had faulty foam. LOL
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