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Hi everyone -

Haven't posted in quite some time...bought a 2007 911 Targa last summer and the 02 M5 has become a garage queen. But did take her out of the garage for a nice long roadtrip to BMW driving school (which by the way is an absolute blast).

It was a hot weekend and a 7 hour drive to South Carolina for the the air conditioning was seriously taxed. I had two issues:

1. Air conditioning really wasn't blowing cold air. Probably need a recharge of coolant, which I will take to indy to get done.

2. After taking a sharp turn (and having driven for some time) water started dripping on my right foot. After searching on the forum, it seems like the drain tubes from the AC drain pan may be clogged. I have searched and searched and can't locate any information where these are located so I can see if they are clogged. Anyone have a schematic or photo?

Many thanks!

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