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Are there things that can be done to increase longevity of a BMW? Obviously, not following the owners manual is one way to abuse the car, like not doing oil services.

Any of these behavior makes a difference?
1. Obesity. I think it can wear out the seats.
2. Turning the steering wheel before the car moves. Debatable?
3. Running over potholes. If it damages a tire, wheel, or suspension, of course. But does it add wear?
4. Being rough on the switches. Mostly unbreakable?
5. Leaving bird droppings. I think that just wears the paint but won't shorten the life of the car.
6. Slamming doors and trunk. Maybe no effect on longevity but may introduce rattles.
7. Hard braking. I think the it wears out the brake pads but doesn't shorten the life of a car.
8. Jack rabbit starts after the car is warmed up. I think does wear out the car but not sure how.
9. Not changing brake fluid. May make the brakes rust from moisture.
10. Overuse of wipers. No effect except wear on the wiper motor and wiper blades?
11. Fan always on. No effect usually? I do this. I think it's fine.
12. Anything else?

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The correlation is obvious. Not so obvious is the quantification of cause and effect. See the Sorite's Paradox of the Heap.

Taking liberties; We agree that a Launch Control burnout is an abusive start. Is a gentler LC start still abusive? Is hurrying away from a traffic light abusive? Is hurried driving still abusive? Is driving the BME out of the driveway abusive? Is just starting the BMW abusive?

The Paradox of the Heap is a fun exercise.
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