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Looking at an '08 750Li, Need some Advice

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Okay so I've been searching for an 02-08 or 09-12 7 Series. I know they tend to have the most critics, however they also have ALOT of issues that can be dealt with by simply having some Google-Fu.

I've got an opportunity to pickup an 08 750Li for 2k. Its got 90K miles on it and has the transmission issue where it goes from D to P or R to P. Sounds like a fairly doable fix from reading here and a couple other forums. Car is mint inside and out other than this issue. I have not put eyes on the car yet other than pics and talking to the seller. Im trying to get as much info as possible before making the trip (I live in the rust belt)

I also just got this report from the seller, can anyone maybe glean some more info from this report that might tell something about the trans issue?

I'm fully aware I am buying a 100k luxury vehicle for 2k. I know it doesnt come without alot of time or money investment. Just trying to get as much info as I can. This forum has been a godsend so far in my search.
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Thanks for the advice all. I've decided to pass on this one and keep looking.
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