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Hello all,

Ive been doing mainly on research on the e60 m5 as i own a e60 550i and am wanting to make the jump. Ive been looking at issues with the m5 and around what avg milage the maintenace or issue that occured has happened @. So a little bit of a background, i work at a bmw dealer in phoenix (temporarily as i drive semis over the road, just took a break to get a little bit of experience) and my father does as well as a service advisor (i just do demos and emissions). After speaking with my father and all the techs that have worked there (mind you an e60 m5 is more rare to come through work now) they have all said theyve only seen one rod bearing replacment happen and its not common, however every forum i read states this is a huge issue? So i guess here are my questions.

Are rod bearings actually very faulty in these engines?
All the smg issues wont matter to me as im going with a standard (if I can find one, I refuse to buy an smg e60), are there really any known trans issues with a standard?
Is 22k for a standard 2007 m5 a fair price with 42k miles?
I was told the only major issue is going to be vanos pumps and actuators which im assuming is very true (research)
What are common issues you hate about your m5 (little things like interior)?
Lastly (for now) is it even worth making a jump to a m5 instead of a 550i (besides the obvious engine upgrade and the M badge)?

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