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I'm new to this forum and new to BMW's and am looking to get some answers to a few questions.

I'm looking for either an E30 convertible or an E36 convertible automatic (so my mom can drive it without destroying the clutch) :tsk:

As for the E30, was tilt steering an option? or was it available standard after a certain year?

Regarding the E36, I was told to stick with a 94' as 95 + had more electronic controls and are considerably more to maintain, is this true? When did the power top become standard?

Personally I like the classic look of the E30 however, also like the 94' so I'm sitting on the fence right now. As for maintenance, which requires more/less maintenance and what are some common problems with these cars that I should consider for routine maintenance/repairs? Any engine preference reliabiability wise for the 94' I think there was a 4 banger and an I-6?

Any input would be much appreciated.

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