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Looking to feedback on buying a E46 M3 Convertible

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Hello all. I am in the market for a E46 M3 Convertible with a 6 speed manual tranny. I have been doing a lot of research so I'll try not to bombard the forum with questions that I can find the answers to via searching. But in general, should I stay away from and/or lean toward a certain year? I am looking for the newest and well maintained car and several have caught my eye so I am welcome to hear some feedback.

Thanks in advance...Bob Z.
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The differences from year to year are not huge.

The 02s had some rod bearing issues, but all should have had the service action done, so they should be fine. But I would double check.
Thanks. I've narrowed it down to 2 different 2004 models and may purchase 1 as soon as this weekend...would like to find someone to see it in person for me first though.
Nice link.

For 2002, auto headlights were only available with the Premium package.

Strut bar was added during March 2002 production.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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