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Looking to hire rent or borrow an M5 in San Fran/North Bay Area in May/June '23

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I owned CX03052 for almost 7 years before it was stolen in June - I'm still in a battle with insurers to get a fair and full pay out to replace it - and every day we miss our car dearly.
Meanwhile, I'm building a triple garage to house all my cars off the road in South London. While I do all the hard work (raft slab cast) I'm planning a Californian road trip based around staying with friends in San Rafael.
My friend is an M2 enthusiast, but if any one living in the North Bay areas happens to have a large older M even an e60/61 and would like to hook up, please get in touch.
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Hertz has a premium line of rental cars. They might have an M5 or two. Decades ago, the Budget franchise in Marina Del Ray (near the Los Angeles airport) had all sort of exotic cars for rent: Porsches, R-R's, M's, Ferraris, you name it. Driving back and forth from LA to SF would be scenic and fun.

I'm militant about having all my cars in a garage. Back when we had three cars, the third one was a Chevy Cobalt (GM Delta platform), sort of the anti-BMW. The car only cost $18k new in 2007. I gladly spent $140/month to rent an off-site garage, and I rotated my BMW and the Cobalt. I sold the car in December 2021 for $2000. I was still paying $140/month for that rental garage, and it was still money well spent.

We're planning to build a new house next year. The planning started with the garage and then the house was designed around it. I'm tired of having a cramped garage. The new one will have three 9' wide doors 2' apart, with 3' between the doors and the garage side walls. The middle bay will have a drive-on lift for a fourth car. My goal is to never get a door ding in my garage, and to be able to scoot in between cars on my mechanic's stool to check and adjust tire pressures.... naked. (I have to check my tires in my driveway now, and doing that naked causes a lot of problems.)

I had a project that involved BAe back in the day, and had several trips over there. I noticed that garages in the UK are horribly small, far worse than here. If you have the space, go large on the garage.

Large sedans are just as wide as pick-up trucks and SUV's, just under two meters (~80"). Doors on large vehicle swings out about a meter (~40"). An X7's rear doors are huge, so they might swing out even more. You don't want Granny or a kid getting out of your X7 and whacking your Range Rover or M5. The 9' - 2' - 3' formula leaves a few inches of safety margin for vehicles not perfectly centered in the garage bays.

Having an uncluttered garage is a powerful visual effect. If you have the space, have separate storage rooms for most of the typical garage clutter. You still need at least one table or workbench in a garage, though.
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Wow a reply - that I did not expect. I'll look those up, thanks. UK garages are a national joke dating from the Morris Minor.

My slab now goes from boundary to boundary so I'm stuck with 27ft - still bigger than my first flat. So far the widest doors I've found are 18ft. I designed the concrete to take 2 post lifts and it has underfloor heating but it won't be as plush as Chris Evans' car-cave or as cavernous as Hoovies' film set and it'll never be uncluttered as I have too many hobbies. Heck just somewhere to put my cars where I can see them and others can't.
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I guess that means about 25' wide inside. That's pretty good.

16' wide doors are the norm here. I can get two cars into ours, but that's only with backing one (my 535i) in. We can't get into the passenger side (right side here) of either car inside the garage. I drive when we go somewhere together. That means Frau Putzer is always the one to get wet or cold.

Things are moving slowly on the new house due to labor and supply shortages. A neighbor of mine had to replace their garage door, and getting a new one took ten weeks. A lot of houses under construction here now can't be finished due to a lack of materials, appliances, etc. The (second) architect is dragging his feet due to a lack of draftsmen. I'm shopping for a third architect, or at least a competent draftsman.

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I used to do all my own car maintenance. But, BMW's are too complicated and my old back, knees, eyes, and brain make working on cars less enjoyable every day. My garage-based hobbies now are washing and waxing cars, and doing yard work. I'm going to have two separate storage rooms (~8' x 8' for car stuff, and ~12' x 12' for yard stuff and general storage). The uncluttered "automobile gallery" will just have the lift, two workbenches, a built-in cabinet, a sink, and a 96-gallon roll-away trash can. Bay #1 will have a sloped floor and drain for indoor car washing.
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