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Loose front sway bar symptoms

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When my '99 323i w/ SP was in last month for the Inspection II, the dealer's service dept noted that the front sway bar was a little loose. It was "within tolerences" and was not something they thought I would feel in the copit. They flagged my car so when ever I bring it in, no matter the reason it will be checked. As I lect the service advisor told me that if it started to get worse I would feel it in the steering wheel. I have had fantastic service from this dealer and trust their diagnosis.

Has anyone had problems with a loose sway bar, either OEM or aftermarket? What did it feel like? Was it constant or intermitent? Did it degrade handling in any way?

This morning on a very smooth straight strech of road I noticed what felt like an out of ballance tire, but I only felt it for a few minutes. I did not notice anything going through the twisties on my way to work. Overall handling has not changed. Am I being paranoid? :dunno:


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